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Instruction for installation of the turbocharger


Instructions for installation of the turbocharger

The replacement turbocharger discussed below corresponds to the references Mitsubishi 491730750 … 753420 … and Garret, these turbos are compatible with some vehicles Citroen C2, C3, C3 II, C4, C4 PICASSO, XSARA PICASSO, C5II, C5 (X7) and BERLINGO II.
The benefit is relatively similar for other types of turbochargers.

Start by making a check of the cleanliness of the intake system.
- Check the air filter, replace if necessary.
- Clean the air filter housing.
- Check for foreign matter in air ducts downstream and upstream of the turbocharger.
- Check that the sleeves of the turbocharger are blocked or pinched.
- Make sure there is no foreign body leaving the head cover of the circuit breathing oil fumes.
- Remove if not already pre-filter which is running at the turbo side hose lube engine block. This filter should be removed when the first oil change .
- Empty résonneur any remaining oil. Replace the gasket at the inlet of the turbocharger, the turbocharger inlet fitting and O-ring air inlet of the turbocharger.
- Remove the heat exchanger air / air: Check for oil and foreign, reverse the heat exchanger air / air, wait 10 minutes. If you find oil or foreign bodies inside, clean with solvent.
When you remove the turbo, check for the nut assembly of the compressor wheel of admission.It can be dismantled due to a sudden stop of the whole circle. This is due to a lack of lubrication or the passage of a foreign body in the inlet of the turbocharger. If the bolt is missing, find it before it causes other damage.
- Replace the stem oil with a new one.

In the case where the vehicle exceeds 60 000 km it is important to make additional checks:
- When you remove the oil pan, check the appearance of oil and walls of the sump.
If the oil is thick: Disassemble valves and check for oil degraded. If this happens you must thoroughly clean the engine or change.
If the oil looks normal: Check the filter clogging suction. If one bolt is loose or if the filter has deposits, replace the intake filter.
If everything is fine, no problem, put properly in place the oil pan.
- Remove the vacuum pump and clean the strainer inlet oil vacuum pump.
- Replace the cartridge with oil.
- Replace the drain plug with new gasket.
- Fill the engine oil quantity recommended for the engine.
- Replace the filler cap.
- Replace the oil dipstick.
- Prime the oil system before starting the engine by disconnecting the injectors, start and run engine for 15 seconds. Reconnect the injectors and erase fault codes.
- Start the engine and let it idle for 5 minutes to allow the turbocharger to reach the correct pressure.
- Stop the engine and wait 15 minutes.
- Recheck the oil level, it should be between the levels prescribed by the manufacturer of the turbocharger.
- Replenish oil if necessary.
- Check the operation by a road test.
- By disconnecting the fuel inlet air to the turbocharger, check the blades of the compressor wheel inlet.

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