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Turbocharger basic knowledge

Turbocharger  basic knowledge and working principle
        Turbocharger is a key components used to increase engine power and reduce emissions. Turbocharger itself is not a power source, which uses residual energy of the engine exhaust to work, its role is to provide more air to the engine. It uses the engine exhausts energy, drive turbo high-speed rotating , and turbine driven coaxial compressor impeller high-speed rotation. Compressor press the air to the engine cylinder, the engine of inflation increase the amount of fuel available to more complete combustion.Thereby increasing engine power, reducing fuel consumption, and because the improvement of combustion conditions, which reduce the exhaust emissions of harmful substances, and can also reduce the noise.  
       The performance of turbocharged diesel engine changed after supercharging. It makes the engine power has greatly increased. Supercharged engine’s power can be increased  about 20% ~ 40%. WD615 machine, for example, the engine’s mechanical efficiency, Turbocharged Engine auxiliary systems increase very little power in consumption, although since the outbreak of pressure, the friction surface, friction losses increase, but the large increase in engine power, mechanical efficiency increased nearly 8%. Reduce fuel consumption, increased air pressure to backward booster, improve combustion conditions, mechanical efficiency, reduce oil consumption. But it also brought an engine with new problems, such as: the engine’s mechanical load increase, the heat load increases and so on.

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